Premium Quality Ironmongery

Unlike others all our Ironmongery packs come complete with everything you need to install your gates including heavy duty cranked hook and band hinges,10 inch twisted ornamental ringlatch, 8 inch padbolt with elongated keep, 2 x cast cabin hooks to hold your gates open and all fixings,screws and bolts etc No other company offers this standard of ironmongery we also offer premium yale type locks which are lockable from both sides of the gate and have full stainless steel shootbolt, stainless steel fixings with 5 x euro lock keys and full fixing kit including revalant drill bits and full instructions which are simple to install.

          All These Quality Products Are Included In Our Premium Ironmongery Packs

5 key Yale Type Lock With Stainless Steel Shoot Bolt And Fixings (lockable From Both Sides)